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Radio Heads by Rachel Hott, PhD

In 1999 I interviewed for a job to acquire my clinical hours for my psychology requirements. As my potential boss interviewed me he asked, “Have you ever done radio?” I said, “No.” “Would you like to do radio?” “Sure,” I said. I got the job as a psychotherapist and I became a radio co-host for two years. After that Steven Leeds and I did some radio internet shows. The radio personality is one that I enjoy. I like the discussion, the back and forth, the ability to share on the air. And now I am back on air. Dr. Suzanne Philips had read our book, NLP A Changing Perspective, and wanted to do an interview about effective communication. It was great to get reacquainted with my radio personality. Take a listen and see what you think. Listen to Dr. Rachel Hott discuss “ New Tools for Effective Communication” http://www.cosozo.com/radio-show/psych-up/radio-show-episode/new-tools-effective-communication-your-personal-and

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