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Hypnosis Supervision Group with  Rachel Hott on Zoom


The Hypnosis Supervision Group with Rachel Hott is designed for students who have completed their Hypnosis Practitioner Training at the NLP Center of New York and are looking for ongoing supervision.  

Join Dr. Rachel Hott each month for her Ericksonian Hypnosis Supervision group. This group is designed for graduates of The NLP Center of New York looking to further integrate, reinforce and deepen their existing hypnosis skills and technique. Each two-hour Wednesday evening session (7pm-9pm ET) will meet once/month for 4 months. You will get the opportunity to work with a partner both as a hypnotist and client, receiving assistance and feedback.

Prerequisite: The NLP Center of New York's 12 day Hypnosis Practitioner Training or equivalent.

Four Wednesday Evenings, June 28, July 26, August 30 and September 27, 2023 (7pm-9pm ET) 

Cost: $295


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