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NLP Coach Practitioner Training    

On Zoom or IN-Person in NYC


The NLP Coach Practitioner Certification Training is a live-action, highly experiential, professional training that will empower you with mental abilities, linguistic tools, behavioral skills and transformational techniques for healing the past, creating the future and living fully in the “here and now.”

  • Do you want to be the best you can be and the best at what you do?

  • Are you interested in becoming a coach?

  • Do you already have a license in the mental health field and are looking to expand your knowledge and your practice?

  • Are you a business professional looking to learn a cutting edge technology to raise your interpersonal skills and maintain a state of professional excellence?


 If you answer "yes" to any of these questions, this training is for you.

The NLP Coach Practitioner Training offers a pragmatic approach to actualizing our human potential and will provide in-depth knowledge of the skills essential for powerful interpersonal and intrapersonal communication. Learn how to establish and achieve your goals and fine-tune your perceptions. Discover the patterns that will lead to a deeper understanding of others and yourself. Develop skills and techniques for building a communications bridge directly to your unconscious mind to change unwanted habits and help resolve inner conflicts quickly, without painful reliving of past memories.

The NLP Center of New York has been offering it’s NLP Coach Practitioner Certification Training since 1986. Dr. Rachel Hott and Steven Leeds who began studying with Richard Bandler and John Grinder in 1980 founded the NLP Center of New York, now one of the worlds leading NLP training organizations, back in 1986. Our dynamic, interactive training that we brought to Europe, South America and Asia is now being offered as an online training that will empower you with mental abilities, linguistic tools, behavioral skills and transformational techniques for healing the past, creating the future and living fully in the “here and now.”



  • Mastering universally effective techniques for changing limiting beliefs and eliminating unwanted behaviors.

  • Generating a full spectrum of choices when responding to difficult situations and uncooperative people.

  • Learning tools for enhancing the quality of your communication.

  • Being in charge of your own mind and emotions.

  • Healing old wounds so you can bring your awareness back to the present moment.

  • Creating a compelling future.

  • Developing a greater sense of well-being, inner peace, and self-worth.

The skills and techniques you will learn include:


  •  Aligned Perceptual Positions, Anchoring, Aspects of Communication

  •  Association/Dissociation, Calibration Skills, Chaining Resources

  •  Changing Personal History, Chunking, Chunking Resources

  •  Criteria Utilization, Developing Well-Formed Outcomes

  •  Eye Accessing Cues, Flexibility of Behavior, Future pacing

  •  Hypnotic Language Patterns, Meta Model, Metaphor Creation

  •  Matching and Mismatching, Models of the World, Negotiations

  •  New Behavior Generator, NLP Assumptions, Non-Verbal Behavior

  •  Pacing and Leading, Pattern Detection, Phobia Model, Rapport Skills

  •  Predicates, Present State Elicitation, Problem/ Outcome Frame

  •  Representational Systems, Self and Other Orientation

  •  Sensory Acuity, Six-Step Reframing, Spatial Reframing

  •  States of Excellence, Strategies, Stuck-Meta-Resource

  •  Sub-modalities, Swish, Verbal Reframing, V-K Dissociation, and much more…


The International Coach Federation (ICF) offers continuing education credits for our training.

The NLP Center of New York follows the International Association of NLP (IANLP). To meet these standards students enrolled in our NLP Practitioner Certification training programs are required to attend the full training as well as a minimum of three NLP practice classes. These practice classes are offered free of charge to students currently enrolled in our NLP Practitioner and Master Certification Training.

Regular Registration

ON ZOOM: $3495

IN PERSON: $3995 

Early Registration Discounted Tuition (One month in Advance)

ON ZOOM: $2995

IN PERSON: $3595

Option I (ON ZOOM):

Saturdays:  Oct. 30, 2021- May 21, 2022 (10am-2pm ET) on Zoom

(No classes Nov 27, Dec 25, 2021, Jan 2 and Mar 19, April 16, 2022)

Option II (ON ZOOM):

Wednesday Evenings: November 3, 2021- June 15, 2022 (6pm-9pm) Eastern Time) 


In New York City

Proof of Vaccination Required

Weekends October 23-24, November 6-7, 20-21, December 4-5, 18-19, 2021, January 8-9 and 15-16-17, 2022


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