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I Am Moved By Our Students’ and Clients’ Courage To Learn and Grow

I was the trainer for our recent Core Transformation weekend workshop. There were 12 participants attending, several of them had never attended a workshop before. Not just new to the NLP experience but new to the workshop process.

Attending a workshop where you work on your issues requires courage and willingness to participate. I was moved to tears several times when I witnessed these students working deeply on their personal issues.

In our NLP and Hypnosis courses there is always time to work on one’s self, but in our Core Transformation weekend, it is the only thing we do. The premise is to identify a behavior, thought or feeling that you want to change and through a structured set of questions get to a core state, which is subjective, but has the qualities of a state of being, like Oneness, Love and Inner Peace.

There were many tears that weekend (tears of joy among them), and I trust that these tears will lead to ongoing transformation for many of the participants. It is an honor to be a facilitator, the leader of all the guides and explorers, who come to grow, learn and improve. I see this happening in my private practice and I am moved, I am touched to share this tender place with my clients and students.

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