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NLP and Sales Mastery on Zoom


NLP and Sales Mastery


Selling goes way beyond an exchange of goods. We sell ideas at work and negotiate for things we’re passionate about. Whether building a business, getting a job, or speaking with friends and family we use the skills of selling and influencing. 


This class is designed to be fun, interactive and highly impactful.  You will learn how to apply the skills, beliefs and strategies of top performers to your verbal and non-verbal communication. This is a fantastic opportunity to deepen your knowledge and application of NLP tools for excellence.


  • Make the selling process enjoyable for all parties

  • Look forward to sales

  • Have access to powerful 'states of excellence' 

  • Develop a deep appreciation and understanding of your customers

  • How to tell stories powerfully for impact


You will learn how to:

  • Tell stories powerfully for impact

  • Identify and utilize beliefs and values

  • Develop and deepen rapport

  • Enhance your ability to listen and truly understand

  • Transform objections


This workshop is tailored to:

  • Sales and business professionals who want greater effectiveness in sales, negotiation and organizational influence.

  • Individuals who wish to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the people they work and interact with.

  • Anyone who who feels awkward about selling who would a comfortable process to work with customers.


About Your Trainer:


Robert Schwartz, M.A. earned a masters in Architecture from UC Berkeley and a Bachelors in Jazz improvisation from New York University. After working as an architect for 7 years, Rob moved into consulting, training and coaching. He works with both individuals and companies in the US, Japan and Europe. Rob works with companies including Microsoft, Google, Twitter and HP. Additionally, Rob has been a trainer for the NLP Center of New York for over 20 years.


"Having attended multiple conferences from different companies around the world, Robert’s approach to sales is methodical, comprehensive, and most interestingly not pushy. His unique methodology allows the buyer and the seller to be on the same side, naturally leading to increased transaction rates and happy customers that repeat and refer. I not only learned better ways to communicate with C-level clients, but also how to cut limiting beliefs and reach my highest potential. If you are looking for a way to increase your sales skills without being forceful or manipulative, I highly recommend this class."

– Chistian B.

Dates: April 13, 20 and 27, May 4, 2023

Times: 6pm-9:30pm ET

on Zoom

Regular Cost: $695

Early Bird Special: $595 when paid in full one month in advance.

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