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Finding A Safe Place by Rachel Hott

Whenever I lead clients into trance, I ask them to find a “safe place.” I will say something like, “This could be a place you have been to, wish you could go to, either imaginary or real. It could be from your childhood or in your current life.”

Sometimes clients have said they don’t have a safe place, so they make it up. One client who had had a life filled with abuse, said that she was never safe. I encouraged her to make it up. She created a place she had never been to- a cabin in the woods.

Another client came in for a hypnotherapy session to help her manage her tension headaches. As we began the trance I had her select a place where she felt comfortable and safe. After the trance was over, I asked her, “Where did you take yourself, where was your safe place?” She said, “K-Mart.” Most people will go to a secluded beach, a deep forest, a desert oasis, their bed or kitchen, but I had never been told that a department store would be a safe place. She further explained that she loved being able to have hours to wander in the store, no pressure, no rush,