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Communication Games by Rachel Hott, PhD

For many years I have been following John Gottman’s work on couples communication. One of my clients recently said, “Oh he’s your guru.” This may be true. I find that Gottman’s books, The Relationship Cure, 7 Principles of Making a Marriage Work and What Makes Love Last, to all have been helpful in my personal and professional life.

So it was a delightful surprise when I discovered that my 90 year old mother had received a board game for her birthday and it was a Gottman board game. The game is called Couples Retreat. My mother, an Advanced Practice Nurse/Psychoanalyst/Sex Therapist, has studied with the Gottman institute so it was no surprise that she would receive such a thoughtful gift.

What was a surprise was the pleasurable experience of playing the game with her. Of course the game is designed for couples, particularly intimate couples, so we made our own modifications. What I found most endearing was that my mom would never play Bingo, but she loved rolling the die, and landing on the cards, which coul