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Are You Considering Taking an NLP Training?

Since 1986 both Steven Leeds and Rachel Hott have been leading Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses. We recently were asked questions about our training. Here are two that we thought we would share with our community.

How is NLP different than other disciplines?

There are several presuppositions in NLP to support understanding and respect of different models of the world. Participants learn early on that in order to get along with other we must first understand that each model of the world is unique. This presupposition, “the map is not the territory,” opens for learning a precise way of identifying how we each think differently, developing behavioral flexibility to communicate with anyone, however diverse in personality or culture.

Among the tools taught in the training is the Meta Model. Using this linguistic model for asking questions, based on psycholinguistics, students learn what questions to ask and how to use them. We teach how and when to gather specific relevant information and how and when to find the larger purpose or vision.

What can NLP do that is unique and make your work life more successful?

In the NLP Level I training participants learn about their own style of communication. Are they are visual learner, always needing to see the point? Do they have an auditory preference- needing explanations and needing to be heard? Or would they rather be walked through the steps and learn from doing. Each of these categories determines a preference based on our sensory system; visual, auditory and action. When participants learn about their preferred system they also discover that others have different systems. It empowers participants when they know how to communicate the way someone prefers, rather than using their own accustomed style.

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