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Anchoring with NLP

Anchors Away: Anchoring with NLP

by Rachel Hott, Ph.D. Source: Anchor Point Magazine

Part I

Welcome back to your Back to Basics article. This article will discuss anchors and the technique of anchoring. For those of you who have read Back to Basics before you know what to expect. All you have to do is see the title and boom, swish, bang you know whether you want to read a review of something you know or once knew. For you, the new comer to NLP, Anchor Point and now this Back to Basics column you only know that you don’t know. Another time when you see the word anchor, you can have the boom, swish, bang experience of knowing what it means.

So what are anchors and what does anchoring mean? The other evening I went to my first P.T.A. meeting. It was held in the local high school. As I entered the high school memories of my own high school came to mind and the same feelings of adolesence were revived. As I came to the table to sign in I found myself giggling like a fifteen year old and then zap I smelled Shalamar. Have you ever smelled Shalamar? It is a very deep, strong perfume and it is difficult to forget the Shalamar memory.