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NLP 4 TH GENERATION: Reported by Rachel Hott, PhD with additional commentary from Colette Normandeau.

Rachel Hott wrote this article after she and Steven Leeds attended the NLP Leadership Summit in Alicante, Spain in January 2018. It will be published soon in a book titled, Powered by NLP, Volume 2.

Day 3, January 14 th , 2018, at the NLP Leadership Summit, and 17 of us were choosing to explore what is beyond this latest iteration called NLP. “What will the 4 th generation bring,” we pondered. Simultaneously, 62 other attendees were in groups discussing standards, marketing, branding, an international global body, technology, research and the big picture of what is NLP, and then there we were, saying, “What’s next?”

Everyone I know owns a cell phone ( even the Masai Warriors we met in the remote region of Tanzania). However, not everyone has the same model, yet there are always newer models to purchase. What is the same and what is different about the next new device? Eventually most phones require updates in order to perform at their best.