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Sleep Naturally – An Interview with Steve Andreas

by Rachel Hott, PhD Source: The NLP Center of New York

Sleep Naturally This is the fourth modeling interview I have done regarding sleep.

The Institute for the Advanced Studies of Health (IASH), will be holding a conference in October 2010 in San Francisco and one theme at the conference will be to share successful sleep strategies. Through an e-mail correspondence from Steve Andreas I received feedback about my three previous sleep articles. Steve is a world renowned NLP developer, trainer and author. Basically he thought that there was only one, “A Good Night Sleep,” that was natural and potentially useful. He felt the other two were too complex, involving too much time, effort, and conscious mind. (All of these articles are on my website. www.nlptraining.com under the resource section). He then shared that he sleeps well and invited me to model him.

Fortunately for Steve he was heading to Hawaii, and unfortunately for me I was in cold New York City. However we prevailed by setting up a phone interview. Needless to say interviewing som