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Pushed Out of My Comfort Zone by Rachel Hott, PhD

Pushed Out of My Comfort Zone by Rachel Hott, PhD

I was practicing regularly at my Bikram Yoga Union Square studio (read How I almost Became A Yoga Teacher in a previous blog) and found the routine to be perfect. I was clearly in a routine, saw clients or taught an NLP class, went to yoga and then worked with more clients. This easy routine was stress-free, it helped my day, my mood, my energy.

Then I received an e-mail message, without any warning the studio closed its doors. Just like that the routine ended. I felt an array of feelings, anger, sadness, annoyance and then problem solving, resourcefulness and freedom. I always thought I was an options oriented person, but when the routine was taken away, I realized how much I found procedures to be attractive. (We discuss options and procedures in our Master Coach/Practitioner training).

So I was pushed out of my comfort zone, and as many people have discovered, “change is good, change is necessary.” Now due to the generosity of my local Williamsburg yoga studio I am practicing there with a new set of teachers and times. I am not yet in a routine, but soon enough it will exist. The comfort zone will return.

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