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How To Remember Names

What is in a name? Apparently a lot, when it comes to remembering people’s names and the impression it makes. When I (Rachel) was presenting at the International Coach Federation’s NYC chapter meeting there were over 60 people in the room. I did my best to introduce myself to as many people possible. Each time I introduced myself,  I made an effort to learn their name. If their name was unusual I asked them to pronounce it again and even spell it. I wasn’t able to meet all 60 people, but whenever we had a question from the audience I would either say the person’s name or if it was someone whom I had not met, I asked them their name, and then used it later on during the question and answer part.

Overall the feedback I got about the presentation was excellent, however the remarks  about remembering names were outstanding. I hadn’t even remembered everyone’s name, yet the impression was that I knew everyone.

I like learning people’s names. I think it is important. At our free NLP and Hypnosis previews I have created a goal for myself to learn people’s names. Limiting these group to about 30 people makes the task more achievable. Once our evening begins I introduce myself and then I go around the room and introduce everyone by first name. The participants are very impressed when I have said everyone’s names and I am often asked if this is an NLP trick and will I teach how to remember names in our NLP training.

Steve Andreas, (early NLP developer) had taught me that when it comes to self-concept, people always know their names. Unless you have amnesia you don’t forget your name. Even if you say, “I