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Hott/ Leeds NLP Coping Tips

Hott/Leeds NLP Coping Tips; Many people will read this. Only a few will do it. Which will you be? 1. Identify what resource you need to manage during the next week as life as usual gradually returns. We suggest, resilience or serenity, as a resource that will help you rise to the occasion. If you like both, you can do this twice. Please sit down, take three slow deep breaths and tune into your body. Now recall a time when you were resilient (or serene), reconnect with your sensory experience, remembering what you are seeing at the time, what you are hearing and especially what you are feeling and relive that moment. Notice what symbol comes to mind? Repeat this exercise at various moments during the week, especially when you are feeling stressed. 2. Of all the things that need to be attended to, identify what needs to be done first. Reassure yourself that it will all get done in time. Think of it as a jigsaw puzzle, slowly putting each piece in place until one by one they all connect and come together. 3. Reach out to someone in your social network to give support and to ask for it. If you have already done one of the two, do the other. 4. Decide what has been positive inside of this unexpected storm. What inner resources have been activated, or learnings learned or tasks accomplished that might not have, had Sandy not visited. What is something for which you feel fortunate? 5. As George Harrison said, “All things must pass.” And remember that years from now you will be looking back at this time, perhaps even nostalgically. And as you look back, now, perhaps there is something you would like to say to the present you about what is most important and essential. Return to the present time, now and heed your own words. Let us know what you have done to help ease the stress of this unexpected weather experience.

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