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Dilbert (and Hypnosis?) by Rachel Hott

What does Dilbert have to do with Hypnosis? Many people are familiar with the Dilbert cartoon, a cartoon satirizing the workplace environment since 1989. While many people know that Scott Adams is the artist who created Dilbert they may not know that he had studied hypnosis, until recently. Apparently in the late 1970’s he had taken a hypnosis training because his mom had described using hypnosis when she had given birth to his younger sister and he was curious about the process. Now 40 years later, Adams has begun to share more about his hypnosis experiences and ways that he uses language with intentionality. He has written a book called, “How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big” (full disclosure I have not read this book) and he has also discussed the 2016 Presidential campaign and how Donald Trump uses hypnotic language patterns for influence (e.g., “People are saying things.”) I don’t know whether either presidential candidate consciously knows that they are using hypnosis, however their team may have been influenced by persuasive language techniques derived from hypnosis.

What does this have to do with the NLP Center of New York? Interestingly, this past month we have received four inquiries about our hypnosis training from individuals who had either read Adams’ book or heard him on a podcast titled, “Entrepren